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Wuhan MoonZY Biological Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Wuhan city,hubei province,China,we have a group of senior technical backbones, specialized in R & D and sales in biological & chemical to provide high quality pharmaceutical products and customer service,which include APIs, Intermediates and other relative products & service.

Wuhan MoonZY Biological Technology Co.,Ltd is a fast-growing biotechnology company that has provided our products and services to more and more pharmaceutical companies, universities, research institutes and other drug research and development institutions with good feedbacks

The improvement of product quality and service level are always our goal. With the aim of creating value for customers and guaranteeing by scientific management, we are committed to be the most attractive professional supplier in the world. Hope to cooperate with you to create a good future.


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Contact: Miss He


Tel: +86 13545198479

Add: 203,Building 3, International Enterprise Center, No. 1 Guanshan 2nd Road, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan city,Hubei Province,China.

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